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Because Money for Your Mission is the boldest and badest grant funding system in existence. You can waste time, risk losing money, or just use hope as a strategy to get lucky.

But Why?

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This may be you?

Executive Director, Development officer, Fundraiser, Board Member at a local organization

Wearing multiple hats in the organization
Missing grant opportunities
Wasting time looking for newly qualified grants

"If you're not on the cutting edge of fundraising, you are going to lose."

-DR. John Porter

Utilizing multiple systems to find new grant opportunities
Wishing you had one system to keep track of everything
Little to no political relationships
Fearing losing money
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Millions of non-profits and impact businesses have programs that are underfunded and not maximizing their impact!




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A mobile/web platform where an organization can outsource/complement their grant department and secure grant money

One Modern Platform for flat fee

Grant Writers/Consultants at the push of a button

Investment Protection for 12 months

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We are the team you need to get the money you deserve!

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Money for Your Mission has experienced all in the hassle and frustration of looking for grants. We have a huge opportunity to help others since we have secured close to 2 million dollars for our own non-profits/businesses.


You can access your account from the web or app and find grants that you qualify for. Also, you can fast track your progress & deadlines with ease.


You can benefit from sample proposals & resources to gain new business with special offers and build new relationships by networking with the community.


It’s simple, affordable, and full of grant management tools. Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we know what it’s like to have to search for grants. The money is free, the impact is real, the app is Get Money For Your Mission. With almost 1 billion dollar worth of active grants in our database, here’s to helping you achieve your potential! Your success is our success send us a note when you win your next grant!

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